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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bloom by: Elizabeth Scott

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by: Elizabeth Scott

In a style reminiscent of the work of Sarah Dessen and Deb Caletti, Scott tells the story of Lauren, a not-so-popular high school junior who is dating the secretly celibate most popular boy in school. Without warning, Evan, the loner son of her distant father's former live-in girlfriend, returns to town and stirs up confusing emotions for Lauren, who once believed that a popular boyfriend was all she needed to secure happiness. Soon, she invents extra band-practice time as an excuse to avoid her boyfriend, her super-stressed best friend, and her empty house, and spends more time with the decidedly not celibate Evan. While the setup is fairly standard fare for YA romances, Lauren's inner conflict over her affair with Evan, and the various lies surrounding it, rings true, and the novel has enough drama to keep readers interested.—Sarah Krygier, Solano County Library, Fairfield, CA Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

This book surpassed all of my expectations. I opened it and then it seemed like only two minutes later I was closing it up again - not because it's short but because I was so enthralled with the story, so caught up in the stories reality that I couldn't think of anything else.
We have Lauren who makes okay grades, and is the all american girl plus she has a heart throb for a boyfriend, but she's not happy. So in walks Evan Kirkland who she hasn't seen since she was a child, who's mother actually dated her father and from the moment he steps back into her life nothing is the same.

Suddenly the only true happiness she finds is with him, but what about her loyal boyfriend? What happens when he starts wanting a future that she can't give, Who does she choose?

This book as I said went above and beyond all I expected. I never wanted it to end...but then it did. It dealt with things I didnt expect and took the story to a completely different level then most Young Adult books tend to. This isn't the kiddy version of a love story where everything is perfect - and that doesn't mean there's anything "bad" in the book but it takes the relationship to another level, and makes it real. They both have flaws...but it adds to the appeal.

But I must say this book doesn't have many flaws and its a grade A book with a grade A story. Anyone who loves love stories must read this remarkable story.
This book is available at al major booksellers and :]
*Reviewed by CHRISTINA :]


KD said...

oh I have been wanting to read this one! She is such a great author. Good reivew!

Ashley said...

I enjoyed this but it was too predictable!

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