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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost It by: Kristen Tracy

Lost it

by: Kristen Tracy

From Amazon:
Grade 9 Up–Idaho teen Tess Whistle is having one weird junior year–she, her family, and her friends are all losing it. Her parents, born again following a serious grease fire in the kitchen, take off unexpectedly to a survival camp in the Utah desert, leaving Tess with her grandmother. Tess's best friend, Zena, reacts to her parents' marital troubles by making elaborate plans to blow up a poodle. And Tess herself, who used to be 100 percent certain that she'd wait until she was married before she had sex and is deathly afraid of the wilderness, loses her virginity out of doors with her boyfriend. This book is a great read, hilarious and poignant at the same time. Teens will laugh out loud at Tess and her frank, humorous observations about the outrageous situations in which she finds herself, but they will also empathize with her feelings of not being in control of her life. They will also be heartened by the conclusion of the novel, for even though Tess is unsure of what will happen next, she has finally come to terms with the fact that life offers no guarantees, saying, For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful. And ready for what comes next.–Kathleen E. Gruver, Burlington County Library, Westampton, NJ Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

From Me:

So I read this book about a year ago, and I'm still not one hundred percent sure how I feel about it. Is it okay? Yes. Deffinately. Did I enjoy it? No. Not so much.

It starts off good, but the relationship between Tess and her boyfriend to me is just unbelievable. I get no real feeling from it at all. I didn't relate to the characters very well (despite me trying to...) It just didn't work out too well for me and this book.

Then the final "Climax" of the story. The big Sha Bang, made me want to throw up. If their relationship is really that strong then....ahhh.

Sorry. No spoilers here.

I could go on about how this book just didn't cut it for me - but it's making me angry and I promised myself I wouldn't put spoilers in here.

So I wouldn't recommend it, but then that's just my oppinion. I know a great deal of people who really liked this book, but for just didnt work out.

I give it a 5.5



Amy said...

i saw you were reading perfect will love it! it's one of my all time faves.

bookloverforever. said...

I know! I love Elizabeth Scott anyway so I'm really enthralled. I love everything about it so far :]

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