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Monday, February 16, 2009

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Poison Study

by: Maria V. Snyder

This book is one that will keep you up at night. Not from fright, or from the scare of something scary jumping from your closet, but from pure suspence and expectation. Through out this book I found myself frustrated with the fact the page wouldn't turn quick enough. It has all the elements, and for those of us who like everything (such as myself) they will enjoy this mixture of Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, and a really strange new obsession with certain Assasin named Valek :]

The book opens up with our heroin in a dungeon. Yelena was placed there awaiting execution for murder. Yes. Murder. But Valek, the commander's "Chief of Security" offers her a new chance. Either she can take the death penaly now, or become the Commander's new food taster.
So Yelena embarks on a new adventure, learning the tastes of various poisons, and taking her daily dose of "Butterfly's Dust" to ensure she doesn't escape when she comes into a world and life she truly didn't expect.

This book is amazing. I have read Twilight, I have read Harry Potter, and this book (including the rest of its Trilogy, Magic Study, and Fire Study) is just as good as either. The character's

are real and the feelings are ones that remain with you even after you have read it. I find myself still sometimes thinking of this story. I give it a 10 because its just simply amazing :]

And also, I have never seen an author take so much interest in their readers before, as Maria V. Snyder does. I have e-mailed her, and always gotten a reply and the contests on her page are just amazing. I will forever support this author and everything she takes on in the future.
This book has several copies, these two being the ones in circulation currently i do belive. They can be bought at Borders, Barnes and Noble (you may have to order them...not sure), and Books-A-Million.

And of course :]

Reviewed by CHRISTINA :]


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