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Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's all About Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

So yeah I know. We all know it, almost all of us have read it...what does everyone think about it?

I for one will tell you I am a Twilight Junkie...but I find myself to be a "real" Twilight Junkie as I read the books way before the movie...and before everyone decided Rob Pattinson was hot (which he is, but he was hot as Cedric to guys) :]

So yes I've done all of the stuff. I've met Stephenie Meyer, but I did this years ago. Has anyone else gotten annoyed with Twilight lately?

This transition from book to movie really made me hate the transition - just because all of a sudden EVERYONE was reading it and becoming obsessed with it when before me and three others were all I knew, and the others did it for the movie...which saddens my soul a bit.

Maybe nobody else went through this and if you didn't then I'm jealous because I hated every second of it, and I didn't think the movie was bad at all - it didn't touch the book but it was fairly good, but I'm just curious as to if anyone else had this sudden hatred whenever they saw another person reading Twilight - and becoming obsessed with it.

I feel like I'm being mean. I should be happy that they're reading it...but I don't know. I'm just glad it's finally calming down.

(For a funny story about a Twilight event that happened at a recent youth Lock In at my church leave a comment and I'll be happy to share the story I think it was the begining of my Twilight end so to speak haha)

But I Love the Twilight Series I really do. To this day the story is one I re-read often. I would just like to have kept it to myslef a bit longer.


Insert Book Title Here said...

Yes! I can't stand it! A girl at my job didn't even know it existed till she went and saw the movie! Now she won't shut up about it! People are becoming a little TOO Twilight obbessed.

Brooke Reviews said...

The obsession is scary. I don't mind it though, I just hope these new readers pick up other books out there that, in my opinion, are leaps and bounds better than the Twilight series. And kudos to SM for reaching out to these kids, who may not have picked up a book otherwise.

I thought the movie was very weak compared to the book. There were scenes I enjoyed (van crash, hospital, baseball, ballet studio), but the rest fell very flat and there were too many shots of the scenery and not enough of Bella and Edward talking. If I hadn't read the books, I wouldn't understand their love for each other at all.

prophecygirl said...

I completely agree. I read it before anyone over here in the UK knew what it was, just before Eclipse was released. I LOVE these books with a crazy passion. I also love the movie. Great post!

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