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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Book-ish Meme (survey type deal..)

I got this from Em's Bookshelf and it seemed like a entertaining thing to do.

Hardback, trade paperback or mass market paperback?
I prefer to not have hardbacks simply because they're not bendy and expensive. I tend to like mass market paperback and trade paperback. Both work for me, but I like longer books opposed to pocket sized paperback - but either will do.

Barnes & Noble or Borders?
Really neither...I like cheap book sellers, and neither one of these fall under that category. We have a discount Book store where I live that I frequent, and if I can't find what I want there, then i go to Books-A-Million and look for a good deal there.

Bookmark or dog-ear?
Really both depending on what I have on hand. If I have a piece of spare paper to use as a book mark - then I do, but if I don't I dog ear. It doesn't bother me to dog ear my books at all, I guess because I bend the very teeny tiny bit of the corner, but I hardly ever have a book mark that is actually...a book mark haha.

Amazon or brick-and-mortar?
Nothing will replace shopping for hours in a book store. Man it's the best. Amazon is fun to look at though and I plan out books that i want so when I go to the bookstore I'm prepared...but I actually hardly ever actually

Alphabetize by author, or alphabetize by title, or random?
Organization? Please. lol No really I don't have a real system. I have it pretty random, though I normally try to keep books with the same author together, series in their order, and with Sarah Dessen her books in the order of which they came out. But that's it.

Keep, throw away, or sell?
I always keep, and I'm trying to get into I need to let go of some lol.

Keep dust jacket or toss it?
Keep for sure.

Read with dust jacket or remove it?
Depends. With the Twilight Series I kept it, but now with Miss Delacourt I normally have it off. I dont know why. I think I have just gotten to the point where I like the feel of the actual hard cover. haha.

Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket?
Deffinately Harry Potter. Although I liked Lemony Snicket too.

“It was a dark and stormy night” or “Once upon a time”?
Deffinately "Once Upon a Time" I love fairy Tales :]

Buy or borrow?
I haven't bought in awhile because I've been getting ARC's but normally - before that atleast I always bought.

New or used?
Normally always new, and I have some used books, but more likely then not I don't read them, because frankly - they're not very pretty haha.

Buying choice: book reviews, recommendations, or browse?
I browse alot, and alot of that comes from viewing reviews. I see a book on a review and it doesn't matter what they say about it, if it intrigues me then i want it haha.

Tidy ending or cliffhanger?
I don't like it when series have huge cliffhanger endings. It makes me really mad haha. So I guess I like a tidy ending so i don't kill myself thinking about possibilities.

Morning reading, afternoon reading, or nighttime reading?
Late at night, otherwise I get distracted.

Stand-alone or series?
hmm Both really. I love them both pretty equally but there are alot of stand alones I wish could be series.

Favorite series?
umm It's between Harry Potter and Twilight with me. Both are amazing.

Favorite children’s book?
I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by: Roald Dahl. It was amazing. That and Pippi Longstocking.

Favorite YA book?
Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever is probably my All time favorite, that and Just Listen by her.
And of course Twilight, and Perfect You, Going too Far...there are just so many. haha.

Favorite book of which nobody else has heard?
Once Upon a Marigold by: Jean Ferris
I loved it when i was younger
and the Left Behind Kids Series (there are 40 of them and they are amazing)

Favorite books read last year?
Bloom by: Elizabeth Scott

Favorite books of all time?
The Truth About Forever- Sarah Dessen, Harry Potter, Twilight, Bloom - Elizabeth Scott, Perfect You- Elizabeth Scott, Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte, P&P- Jane Austen, Going too Far- Jennifer Echols etc...

What are you reading right now?
Miss Delacourt Speaks her Mind by: Heidi Ashworth

Favorite book to recommend to an 11-year-old?
oooh. Probably Treasure Island for a boy, and Island of the Blue Dolphins for a girl.

Favorite book to re-read?
The Truth About Forever and Twilight.

Do you ever smell books?
I love the smell of books :]

Do you ever read primary source documents like letters or diaries?
I'm Obsessed with the Diary of Anne Frank. Everything about her I LOVE :]


katie said...

I don't like hardback's much either. They are just so hard to carry around. And The Truth About Forever would be my favorite choice to re-read also. And of course Twilight!

Heidi Ashworth said...

This was a fun post! Just checking to make sure you got my reply to your email . . .(sorry I didn't send an ARC, mine were all gone!)

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