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Monday, April 13, 2009

How this blog works...

Alright, so a recent post done at Presenting Lenore, has sparked some really interesting comments from many different people- go here if you want to check that out (it's really quite amazing)

So anyway, after reading that post I have decided to clear up some things, and explain exactly what I do and how I sort my TBR pile.

Okay so I don't like asking for books.


It's just a thing with me. There were alot of comments on that post about bloggers who became bloggers - to get free books...which honestly to me is insane.

This blog is ALOT of work, and alot of time and honestly, a free book would not be worth the effort of sorting everything out, that is unless I guess you wanted to be a slacker...which may be the problem.

If I ask for a book from an author, it means I really want it. I mean, it means that I know I would love it (which is probably why I have given like - 2 bad reviews...haha.) I have been at the book reviewing thing for awhile - just not here. I had another site on Free Webs, but the posts were way too difficult, so I came here...and discovered that there were alot of other people doing this too.

That was a shocker, because I had absolutely NO idea that other people did this. I was friends with the Not So Closet Geeks on Myspace, and other then me, they were the only others I knew it was surprising that there was

Part of the discussion was the idea that people were asking for books that were already out. Really?

I can't imagine asking for a book that's already out. I feel bad asking for a book in general, so just that idea can't get through my brain.

I have requested a ARC before and the author or publicist has said, "I don't have this one, would you like this one instead," and if it sounds like I'd be interestead then I accept. Those are the only books I've gotten that were already out though.

My TBR pile is sorted in a really lame way, but it works for me.

I have different stacks and each stack is labeled with which Month the review needs to be done. Books that come out in the same month are grouped together so I know. Its really simple, but it is intimidating at times. As of right now I am behind, and it really saddens me, I'm only like...maybe four books behind but still, it does make me extremely happy when I finish a book and get on with the process.

I review every book that I receive If it's one that I didn't ask for and was just thrown in with another book, it goes down in the TBR pile, but I will review it. It just may take a bit longer for me to get to it.

The books I buy on my own (and there have been quite a few recently) sadly will probably not be read any time soon. I don't have time to read anything that I dont have to review, so I buy them and wait for a break.

Also with my reviews I always try to have them posted the week the book comes out in stores. Sometimes I ask the authors if they would prefer something else, or for it to be sooner and I am completely fine with whatever the author asks of me.

I have never traded books, and I dont think I really will, simply because I am not a fan of shipping costs - but I may do a few contests in the future, it just depends.

I can understand Authors frustration with the recent uprise in ARC requests. I can only speak for myself when i say that me, as a reviewer do buy books primarily because I have seen them reviewed on here, and it is also where I hear of all the books that I may want to buy in the future.

I am open to any requests for books to review, I have gotten a few recently but I do get tired of the generic ones like everyone else. Copy and paste messages just dont make me smile haha :]

I love talking to authors and really love when an author writes to me after reading one of my reviews. It's one of my favorite things.

Anyway, that's just some info on things. If anyone has any questions just let me know.

I may do a "About Me" type thing later this week. Who knows...

Also my review of Shrinking Violet should be up tomorow, and be looking forward to a interview with Heidi Ashworth, author of Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind some times soon :]

*And it's really late as I type this so I apologize for how long it is and any mistakes that might be there.



Insert Book Title Here said...

Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing!

FYI: I do not feel comfortable asking for ARCs ethier. So...I never have! The ones I have recieved are through contests or the author contacting me. I am not in this for the freebies...even though the freebies are nice. ;)

Adele said...

I think you are completely right about everything. Getting an email from an author is the best thing in the world!

It saddens me that people have made this an extrinsic value activity, rather than something that is an intrinsic reward.

Lenore said...

I had no idea my post would generate such discussion. I knew there was some perception from certain publicists that some book bloggers were just greedy freeloaders, but I didn't know that the requesting ARCs from authors problem was so widespread.

I don't request that many ARCs anymore, and almost never from authors, but my stacks of books are really overwhelming. I always say I am going to cut back and then the next cool book comes out!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I have a goofy way of sorting my TBR pile too that seems to work just in my head. I have my books ordered by when I recieved them, then books that I got that weren't sent for review, and then books I've bought. I try to read them in order, but sometimes books will skip ahead because it's a library book and it's due back tomorrow! I know, I shouldn't check out as many library books, but when you work there, it's really really hard to resist!
I need to order it more, and I'm behind as well, but having some sort of order helps a lot.
I don't like asking for ARCs either. I asked for one from the author once, because I really wanted it and a link on the authors blog was requesting reviews. This is such an interesting discussion!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Thanks for the idea-I posted today a post on how I order my TBR pile. I gave you a shout out too!

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