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Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Football Day :]

Okay so this is a random tid bit and has absolutely NOTHING to do with this blog, but I had to share, and plus I want to do an About me thing soon, and this is a huge part of my existence lol.

Alright so, my father is a huge Tennessee Vols fan - me and my friends call him Darrell the Orange (because he is also obsessed with LOTR) so anyway, every year we go to the Orange and White game and meet players and what not - and at this game is where we get to use our connections lol which is primarily my Cousin who is a High School coach and is an aquaintence of Peyton Manning's, but anyway not part of the story...

So we went today and it was awesome for three reasons:

1. I got a tan.

2. Autographs. :D

3. I high fived Eric Berry who will probably be going pro next year...

So here are just some pictures from today's excursion. Thanks for listening to me ramble...


Okay so this is me and Brandon Warren.

Me my Dad, and Rico Mccoy.

And this is my favorite recruit...just because my Uncle coached him lol.

So anyway...

Anyone else a fan of UT? Anyone? Or if you like football in general let me know because I am in love with it, especially college and the SEC. :]


Sarah said...

Huge football fan here. I spent today at the Scarlet and White Game for Rutgers University. GO BIG EAST!

I also got a lovely tan, enjoyed the gorgeous weather, and had a great day!


Laina said...


Sorry, I have to do that at the mention of football or I'll be kicked out of Saskatchewan. :P

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