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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Writing and me.

I am on my high school's newspaper staff and being such I am expected to write articles (obviously) but this is not the problem - since being on the newspaper staff I have discovered how much I absolutely HATE journalistic writing.

I adore writing, I'm working on a book myself, but journalistic writing absolutely drives me insane. My very first story I turned in to the newspaper I got in trouble because it read too much like fiction (which I honestly kind of take as a compliment) but it's just so boring. I hate writing facts, and just facts. Granted I did not stretch the truth but I used words such as buzzing and added description... which I knew was a no no, but in my defense it sounded a whole lot better!

Ugh, I'm just greatly saddened by this. I can't stand this writing style and I have written alot of articles now and it does not get any easier. It just bugs me. I thought that I would be just like Rory Gilmore and discover a love of journalism and go on to Yale and love all things newspaper (the Girlmore Girls lover in me told me so!) I just don't know what I'm going to do about all of this.

Anyone have any secrets for journalistic writing? I took journalism last year so I know about the craft... I'm just no good at it. *sigh* oh well.

I guess we'll see how this semester goes. It's not that my articles sound bad, they just aren't what I want and they are quite difficult to write. hmm We'll just have to see.

-Christina :D

P.S. No In my mailbox this week because I didn't get any actual books - but I did get some swag which I will show you this Sunday!


Leslie said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I took a class on journalism expecting to really love it. Unfortunately I only learned that I should stay away from a career in journalism. : ) Not sure if that really helps, but good luck!

Lenore said...

I was a journalism major in college and though I am in advertising now, I think my journalism background has been extremely helpful. It can be a chore to adapt to the different styles of journalistic writing, and I never LOVED hard news stories. Features were more my thing. Stick with it a while and maybe you'll find some part of it you like.

Christina said...

Thanks for the tips :]

I'm not sure how I really feel about all of it, it's not hard, but I don't enjoy writing the stories or really finding the research.

I plan on sticking with it though in hopes that it gets better.


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