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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twilight's Final Straw...

Twilight's Final Straw...

The other day while browsing at my local Books A Million I found something that angered me. It completely and utterly made me cringe.

Look at this:
Do you see it?!

The little circle in the upper right hand corner declaring it "Bella and Edward's favorite book?"

That is NOT a sticker. It is imprinted directly on the book, and that is what makes me sad. I LOVE Wuthering Heights, and I really do love this cover as well, it's more appealing to a younger audience than any other cover I have seen, but the fact that Bella and Edward have to be stamped directly onto it to enhance sales is where my heart dies a little.

I know I'm probably just going crazy, but I've had enough of Twilight. There are so many amazing books and authors out there, I mean now I can't even have Bronte without some reminder of Twilight.

I understand why the publishing companies would do this as Twilight is huge right now, I get that and I'm not mad at them, rather I just don't understand how the movie can come out and suddenly everyone is obsessed.

At my school every single freshman and sophomore girl is going crazy with Twilight fever (many of which even refuse to read the book) I had my Twilight phase, I did, and I don't consider myself to be a Twilight hater - I still love the books it's just the extent of their popularity that gets me.

I'm sorry if this offends any of you, but it's just how I feel from what I have witnessed personally. To prove I am not a Twilight hater here is an example of how big of a fangirl I was at one time...

Yes, I stood in line for four hours after Eclipse came out, met Stephenie Meyer, and got all of my books signed, and it is still one of the best days I remember, but yes I do love Twilight, post movie Twilight is the one I have come to be disappointed with.

I'm sorry if I have upset anyone with this post, it's not what I meant to do, it's just how I feel.

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts.


Rebecca said...

I know what you mean. The books were a good read but then I got over it. I just get tired of publishers using twilight as a means for marketing other things.

Christina said...

Yes, that's exactly how I feel.

There's an entire wall of Twilight at our book store, and it doesn't stop with just the books, it's stocked completely with the movie journal, picture books, there's even a book entitled "I love Robert Pattinson!"

It makes me sad as that space could be filled up with other things, other books from other authors who are amazing writers and deserve recognition, but no. Twilight takes the spot.

Anonymous said...

i love robert pattinson..he gave more life to twilight

Anonymous said...

its good to have the movie, so that we can imagine them when we are reading the book..makes it even more interesting to read

Christina said...

I'm not saying the movies aren't a good thing. I don't in any way hate the movies, I just hate how it seems EVERYTHING is about the movies. If the movies inspired someone to read them that is fine, what bothers me is when it starts to take the place of other things and is everywhere.

Like the wall of Twilight at my bookstore, other books have been physically taken down so there could be 50 copies of Twilight on the shelf, that makes me sad.

As far as the movies go I liked my picture of Edward better then that which was depicted in the movie (not that I find Robert Pattinson bad, I remember thinking he was amazing as Cedric Diggory)but I think that just comes with the book to movie switch, it happens.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I get what you are saying. It would bug me too if I were a big fan of Wuthering Heights (I've seen the movie-does that count?) It's the lengths that advertisers will go to in order to sell their product. It's a lack of integrity.

Christina said...

I agree Heidi (Heidi how have you been? It's been forever!) haha.

It's just the fact its used soley to generate sales. That's what gets me.

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