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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Any Good Regency Recommendations?

So I'm really in the mood for a good Regency at the moment, and I was wondering if any of you have any good recommendations.

I love Georgette Heyer, and I have of course read Austen but is there anyone else who really masters the Regency era whom I am not aware of?

I'm going crazy trying to find the perfect book... I need you guys' help to keep my sanity.



Heidi Ashworth said...

Patricia Veryan is very Georgette-like. You have to be careful, though, b/c she does write Georgians, as well. Well, so did G.H. She has a couple of series that aren't my favorites, but the Georgian series I love--it is about the Jacobites. Again, not Regency . . .As for contemporary regency authors (well, more like 10 to 20 years ago) I love Joan Smith, Sheila Walsh, Marion Devon, Marian Chesney, Barbara Metzger and Elizabeth Mansfield. They aren't as heavy going as GH or JA but they are great regency authors. I tend to love the funny ones best--if you want to know names of my actual favorites books by these authors, email me.

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