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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I found a four leaf clover!!

I know this is completely and utterly not book related, but we all need a random post every now and then, any way - back to my squealing.


All of my life I have hoped to find one and have never been able to, and now I just happened to look down and spot it. One of my life long goals has been realized and now I just need to wait for my luck to kick in. :)

I got my cap and gown today as well which means in one week I will be graduating high school and moving on and into the "real world" I'm not sure how I feel yet, but right now I'm not terrified which must be a good thing.

On a actual book related note, I have been reading like crazy but just haven't been posting reviews (sorry!) I plan to once school ends and I have my free time back.
Also, I have gotten in the mood to read some classics and I was wondering if you guys were opposed to me reviewing some of them. I've always been a huge Gone With the Wind and Austen fan (them being my favorite books) but I don't know how you guys feel about hearing about them.

Just let me know! Thanks guys.



Ashley said...

Cool! I've found one before, and it was so amazing! :]

Morgan said...

I've never found one so it's super cool that you have. I hope it brings you great luck!

Adriana said...

That is really awesome!

I personally love classics so I would love to see what you're reading and what you think.

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