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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Author Trip: Jackson Pearce Edition

Okay so I mentioned two days ago that I would be seeing Jackson Pearce and I just got home from one amazing, amazing day.

My Mom took a half a day so she could accompany me on my journey and we had a blast driving down, (aside from getting lost) we took our time and just had fun which is something we never get to do anymore.

We got there four hours early, so we wandered around the city, found a mall and then proceeded to window shop, and meet my fabulous Aunt for dinner before heading back to the bookstore to see Jackson.

Jackson Pearce is just as funny in person as she is on YouTube which is crazy! We were laughing the entire time she was speaking and I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else then at that book signing. It was just so much fun!

Here are some pictures!

Jackson Pearce!

Myself and Jackson Pearce.

Because it's fun to be silly.

Jackson and I after she signed my copy of Looking For Alaska. Signing other people's books is a to do for her when she becomes a famous author, and I am not one to destroy people's dreams, plus I think it's awesome. Sorry John Green, you're amazing too!

If you haven't read As You Wish, or Sisters Red please go out to your bookstore and get them now! You will not be disapointed.

Also, if you haven't watched any of her YouTube videos you should. They're funny and perfect for anyone wanting to be a writer. Click here to go there.

Thanks guys!


Bookworm said...

Looks fun! I LOVE her hilarious YouTube videos. I bet she'd be even funnier in person!

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