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Monday, June 21, 2010

Guess What?!

I got a job at my library!

Well... so maybe it's not a "job."
And maybe I am "just volunteering," but I will be working with Teens in the teen center and I will be participating in the monthly Advanced Readers program so I am quite pleased.

Besides recently I have been thinking very seriously about becoming a librarian, and I'm in college and need to sort these things out so spending time volunteering in a library will definitely help in that department, and I have dreams.

Dreams that involve books, and authors and me!

Speaking of authors and me. Guess who I am seeing soon?!

Jackson Pearce, author of Sisters Red and As You Wish.

I'm so excited!

I loved Sister's Red and I love Jackson's YouTube channel as she is hilariously funny. So on that note, here are my plans/dreams involving the library and Jackson Pearce.

Jackson Pearce
1. Get my copy of Sister's Red signed.
2. Purchase As You Wish and in turn have that signed.
3. Pictures. Loads of pictures.
4. Laugh
5. Spend some amazing bonding/McDonald's ice cream eating time with my mother.

1. Actually begin checking things out from the library instead of being broke all of the time.
2. Try to direct people to amazingness in book form.
3. Laugh some more.
4. Pay attention to the librarians around me so I may learn their ways.
5. Try to act incredibly awesome so people think book readers are incredibly awesome.
6. Discuss the possibility of having author visits.
7. Discuss the possibility of having a dress as your favorite character day (Hermione is mine!)*

That is all.

Happy reading everyone and I will see you tomorrow!

*I will not actually be attempting this, although I do think dress as your favorite character day should be a world wide thing.


@lex said...

That is so awesome and I am so jealous! I think you should take me with you to the library volunteering and author interviews!

stargirlreads said...

I got a job at my library too! Well mine isnt volunteering, its paid. But yay for both of us! I feel right at home there

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