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Friday, July 16, 2010

Thief Eyes by: Janni Lee Simner

Thief Eyes

By: Janni Lee Simner

After her mother mysteriously disappears, sixteen-year-old Haley convinces her father to take her to Iceland, where her mother was last seen. There, amidst the ancient fissures and crevices of that volcanic island, Haley meets gorgeous Ari, a boy with a dangerous side who appoints himself her protector.

When Haley picks up a silver coin that entangles her in a spell cast by her ancestor Hallgerd, she discovers that Hallgerd's spell and her mother's disappearance are connected to a chain of events that could unleash terrifying powers and consume the world. Haley must find a way to contain the growing fires of the spell—and her growing attraction to Ari.

Janni Lee Simner brings the fierce romance and violent passions of Iceland's medieval sagas into this twenty-first-century novel, with spellbinding results.

Rating: B+


I really enjoyed this book! It had everything I wanted, fantasy, adventure, romance, and an amazing location. This book has made me want to go to Iceland.

I loved how the story was based on legends and possible fact. I love when books have that type of basis because it makes things seem more plausible and more real.

I can't say I absolutely loved Haley, I'm not entirely sure why but I think it was just because I would have chosen things differently than she did but I still really enjoyed the story. Ari was my favorite character, I loved his Star Wars references and his genuine poetry writing self. He was just the type of person who I would like to befriend and have with me if I were in Haley's shoes.

The entire plotline revolves around Iceland's myths and legends which made the book completely fascinating. It blends together today's world and adds in 1000 year old magic which was very interesting to read about, but I can't say anymore for fear of ruining the plot.

The locations and setting felt real and I wish I had been there to witness the things that took place there all those years ago. I have added Iceland to my places to see because of this book.

If you enjoy a good fantasy or are fascinated by myths and legends this book is for you.



Lauren said...

Great review! I haven't heard too much about this book prior to your review, but I think I'll definitely be picking it up sometime soon. Also, I love the fact that it takes place in Iceland.

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