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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Z by Michael Thomas Ford

by Michael Thomas Ford

Josh is by far the best zombie Torcher around. At least, he is in his virtual-reality zombie-hunting game. Zombies haven't existed in the real world in more than fifteen years, and the battle to defeat the devastating zombie epidemic is now the stuff of history lessons. Or so it seems.

When Josh accepts a coveted invitation to join an underground gaming league in the dark, forgotten tunnels of the city, he soon realizes that hunting zombies is not all fun and games. Real blood is spilling, members of the team are disappearing, and the zombies in the game are acting strange. And then there's the matter of a mysterious drug called Z...

This darkly thrilling teen novel will have readers holding their breath as they turn every page.

Rating: B+
Source: From Publisher for Review.
Release Date: September 7, 2010


I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this novel. It was terribly addicting and I got completely taken away by this futuristic world in which zombies exist.

I will be the first to tell you that I dread the zombie apocalypse. I have friends who are completely enthralled by the idea and they always say it's a matter of when, not if when referring to it and that frightens me. I'm a chicken, I will admit it, but this take on zombies and the post zombie apocalyptic world was great.

The first thing I loved was the details throughout the novel, particularly those involving this world. It was fascinating to see how this world was different but still the same. Yes, Antarctica is turning into a rain forest, and yes paper is virtually non existent outside of a museum, but your parents are still your parents, school still sucks, and you still at times have to bribe your siblings to stay out of trouble.

It was still familiar and I loved that.

The zombies or "meatbags" as they're called in their virtual reality game came about by a unique mutation of the flu virus, but that was 15 years ago and the torchers that stopped the zombies are no longer in action but are rather just in their game. I loved the game because it's something most gamers pray is coming in the future. Virtual reality would be the ultimate gaming experience and zombie killing would most likely be a hit.

Nothing is like it appears to be though and when virtual reality becomes IRL (in real life) things start to get fishy.

"The first rule of torching: Cleanse with fire." I really liked the idea of the torchers. Fire seems like a much more useful weapon than a gun simply because it destroys everything in its path and in a fight with a zombie... fire seems like your best bet.

I loved the IRL games because they were terrifying. The fight scenes were epic and amazing, there were passages that literally had me clutching the book and I questioned whether I wanted to know what would happen. By the end I had no idea who the good guys and bad guys were anymore.

My one complaint is I wish I had felt more of an emotional connection with Josh earlier in the novel. I think in his head it stayed fun and games for a bit too long and I wish he had gotten it sooner.

The ending leaves it open for a sequel and I'm hoping we see one. I really need to find out what happens to Josh and Charlie!

If you're Team Zombie, this book is for you.



@lex said...

This book sounds really creepy! I think I'd like to give it a try anyway though.

Christina said...

You really should Alex. It was pretty Awesome, the zombie scenes were soooo good!

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