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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decatur Book Festival Recap Part 2

The second day of the festival was just as amazing as the first and for those of you who haven't seen day one, you can check that out here, or just scroll down. :)

Day two I started my day with coffee. A lot of coffee. For some reason I just could not sleep so I ended up arriving at the festival around 11 and immediately met up with Lori and her husband Beau. We were trying to figure out what our schedule would be when we saw Kirsten Miller. Lori had a surprise breakfast with her, so I was relatively bummed about missing my chance to meet her when she just walks by. I instantly freaked out because this means I didn't have to try to track her down! (kidding guys!)

So, I stopped her and begged her to sign my books which she did because she was such a sweetheart!

The first panel we went to was Kirsten Miller's and this was one of the ones I was most looking forward to throughout the festival because I LOVED The Eternal Ones!

Then after her panel we were off to Cassandra Clare! We were in a bit of a hurry to get there because there was already a line forming outside of the door, but we ended up getting pretty good seats.

Jackson Pearce dressed up as Magnus Bane which was pretty amazing because her costume was hilarious!
Cassandra then came out and read from City of Fallen Angels and then took the audience's questions.

After the signing we were taken outside to this little side tent to wait in the enourmous line for her signing. The line wrapped around the street, but it was completely worth it.

Me and Cassandra Clare! Who cares if I look dumb? It's Cassandra Clare!!

After the signing we went and ate at the Raging Burritto (who had great Queso dip) and then went back to the Old Courthouse for the Jackson Pearce, Michelle Zink, and Robin Benway signing. We got our times slightly mixed up but we arrived in enough time to witness them speaking and get our books signed!

Jackson Pearce, Michelle Zink, and Robin Benway!

Me and Robin Benway!

Michelle Zink! She was so sweet, she got up and gave me a hug and everything, plus she signed my books with nice notes!

Then the festival was sadly over, the end to one amazing weekend! I can't wait until next year and I find myself even more eager to find a way to get to BEA.

Here I am with Lori from Pure Imagination aka, my signing partner in crime!

Here are all of the books I got signed!

Here's the swag! Carrie Ryan was so sweet signing all of those bookmarks for us! We were still in line when she did it. Notice the stickers: Eat, PREY, Love. How amazing is that?!

So that was my amazing weekend. I loved meeting all of the awesome authors and bloggers and I can't wait to see you guys again at the next signing we all happen to attend!



Lori said...

You're pictures turned out so much better than mine! Stupid camera! :)
I wish we could have the festival every weekend!!

LupLun said...

WT...? They held this event in a CHURCH?! Seriously? Was the hotel situation really that bad? O_O

Juju at Tales of said...

How cool! What awesome pictures.

Juju at Tales of said...

I'm SO not that far and can't believe I missed this :(

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