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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest Post: Who Doesn't do Crazy Things For Harry Potter?

Today we have Diana from Books By Their Story here discussing some of the crazy things her love of Harry Potter has made her do!

Who hasn’t done crazy things for the love of Harry Potter?

When I first discovered Harry Potter I fell in love with the books immediately. This was about 4 years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to the world of Harry Potter. I just couldn’t believe that such amazing books could exist. Then came the crazy part.

Being the little kid that I was, my friend and I decided to give roles to everyone in our class. This meant that one of our friends could be Hagrid and the other could be Lavender Brown. We used to have a book that kept all the names of those in our class, and even those who weren’t, and next to their name was the character who they were.

Sometimes we gave them a character according to their personality or simply because they had the same color hair. Some of them even responded when we called them by a character instead of their real name.

We went as far as saying that rulers were our wands! We used to cover them up in colored paper and would go to lunch with them and pretend we were fighting with them. One day while we were in the classroom doing nothing, we decided to have duel with our wands. We were just playing around when all of a sudden the desk that one of my friends was pointing at with her wand fell. We thought it was really creepy since it looked like it had fallen magically.

To this day many of those who were involved in this crazy thought of still remind me of the things I did. Most of them now know that I love Harry Potter and I also think that they believe I’m a bit weird.


Kailia Sage said...

I was six when I watched the first movie and I used to check my mailbox to see if I got a letter from Hogwarts

Christina said...

I did the same thing! Except my friend tricked me and pretended like she had actually gotten a letter... I cried for days.

More on that later. :)

Lori said...

I wish that I would have read them when I was younger so I could have had all this fun! :)

Hannah @ Every Little Thing said...

Found you by looking for the countdown widget for What Happened To Goodbye. What are the odds? I'm following you now!

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