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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nano Update: Day Five


Oh dear...

Today has been completely filled with self doubt about my story. It has been awful. I wrote quite a lot, I just hit 3000 words, but it was not easy and I hated every second of it. I'm not sure where to go to get from where I am to where I want to be, but I think it will become easier once I completely figure out what will happen with certain aspects of it.

Anything that is wrong I know I can fix in revision but I guess my self editor has just been in full bloom today. Everything I wrote sounded too stupid, and I was never able to fully get rid of that feeling. I keep telling myself I'll go back and add the lyrical prose I love to read, but I do not believe myself apparently.

I have never written a contemporary before, or a book told in the first person. Both of these things are proving relatively challenging for me because they're just so new, but I am still writing and I still love my characters and my story! Which is the important thing.

Oh well.

Word Count: 10,125

Time to go reread The Truth About Forever. Yes, I have read it already this year. Don't judge, it's research.


@lex said...

Oh, how you love that book! I really should read it, except my copy is packed. :(
I'm sure your story is wonderful though, so stop worrying so much! Good luck! :D

Lori said...

You WILL get past it!! It looks like maybe you already have since your word count is 12,147!! :) You CAN do it!! :)

ivanova said...

You will get where you need to be! Best of luck!

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