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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nano Update/I'm a Failure.

I failed NaNoWriMo. :(

I started Nano so excited and so full of confidence that I would and could do it, and I still think that I could have.

I was ahead actually when I decided to quit but I don't feel like a failure because the reason I stopped involved my story. I reached a part in the novel where I realized I had done something wrong, and I'm still not completely sure what that thing is. At times it felt too strained, my main character felt flat and I decided that if I kept writing without fixing this problem I would be in a very deep hole. Now I have 100 pages of something I need to fix so I'm going to do that first.

I just printed out my partial draft and I'm taking it with me to edit during the long car rides I have ahead of me this week and hopefully by the time I return home I'll know where I'm going.

So, all in all I don't feel like a failure, I have something that needs fixing that I believe has potential - that was my goal in the first place.

I think I'm going to start doing a Weekly post that solely focuses on how writing is going. I don't know if any of you are fellow aspiring authors, but it would help to talk about it. :)

I will be partially MIA this week because Thanksgiving means hectic travel in my family.


Ava said...

I know how you feel... I got so behind with school work it was just hard to stay on top of writing and making actually good writing.

But at least you got something started! That's great and probably better than me right now. :)

ivanova said...

There is no failing in NaNoWriMo! You have a partial rough draft that you didn't have 23 days ago! Good job.

Brooke said...

You got words on paper. That in itself is succeeding at Nano. Good job!!!

Lori said...

If you are a failure, so am I :)

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