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Friday, March 14, 2014

Bits and Pieces by Judy Schachner [Review]

It comes to no surprise to anyone that I am a crazy cat lady. Yes, even I fall into the world of felines and can't quite find my way out again, as shown by this picture of my babys and I. Loretta and Conway, also known as the greatest cats known to man.

Or known to my house anyway.

This review may come from a cat lover, but you don't have to be a cat lover to rave about this wonderful children's book. 

 Title: Bits and Pieces
Author: Judy Schachner
ISBN: 978-0803737884
Publisher: Dial
Age Group: Preschool - Kindergarten


Bits and Pieces is a book that hooked me from page one. I found the language within it to flow with ease and I often thought I was within a much larger world than you would immediately expect from a child's book.

Tink was absolutely adorable, and I love, love, love that her books are interconnected. The Grannyman which was published back in 2003 acts as the sorta kinda prequel to Bits and Pieces, having the kitten from that tale (Tink) raise a kitten just as his Grannyman had.

Since reading this book I have found myself telling everyone I talk to how much I loved it. The language used was perfect for a child while still having enough humor that I found myself laughing out loud at the things Tink got himself into. The actions of Tink and the kitten will warm the heart of any cat lover as these actions are universal and well known to all who have ever loved a cat themselves.

Tink's brain may have been the "size of a frozen pea" but he has made me quickly call Judith Schachner my favorite children's book author. I have since read all of the books by her that I could get my hands on and I look forward to many more adventures with many more feline friends.

If you have the opportunity to read this book I urge you to, and if you have any young ones in your life who love animals, this book should be on their shelf.



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