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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide by Erin Hunter [Review]

Title: Warriors: The Ultimate Guide
Author: Erin Hunter
Age Group: 8-12
Source: For Review
ISBN: 978-0-06-224533-5

Featuring never-before-seen information about the warrior cats, Warriors: The Ultimate Guide is a necessary addition to every Warriors collection and is perfect for both longtime fans and those just getting to know the world. This full-color book includes:
  • All of the content from Warriors: Cats of the Clans
  • Brand-new art and detailed descriptions for forty more cats
  • An in-depth look at each of the five warrior Clans


I love guide books. This may not be a well known fact for me, but I love guides and ultimate guides to anything, so when I found this book on my door step I was very excited for these are books that myself, and my step brother had enjoyed greatly (which probably partially contributed to my crazy cat lady status now.)

Many books have been published since I started reading the series and it was wonderful to be able to see clan by clan the important members, their contributions, and what role they have played in the overall story.

This series is extremely intricate, one of the most intricate I have seen for this age group which is partly what makes it so fascinating.

The book jacket of the first printing for this guide book unfolds into a beautiful poster that also acts as a guide to the story, linking all of the books together with short descriptions of the actions within each one. This is something that is greatly beneficial and almost necessary for a story that has a range this broad and intricate.

The artwork perhaps is as beautiful as the story it tells, and this guide does nothing but enhance the illustrations by Wayne McLoughlin. There are portraits of clan members and cats doing all types of things from epic attacks to licking their paws.

Something that is often overlooked in books that I myself consider important is the texture and feel of it in your hand, this guide has a wonderful texture with thick, thick pages housing the illustrations and descriptions of every piece of the story you can imagine.

I find this guide to be a very beautifully done piece of work for a very wonderful series.

For fans of the series this is a beautiful and helpful guide that is almost necessary for keeping up with the clans and having a quick guide to remember every aspect of this intricate tale.


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