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Monday, April 7, 2014

Reasons Why Moving Sucks, the Writing Life and why college will steal your love.

I just moved, for the third time this semester.

This is not an exaggeration, and unfortunately moving has been my life these past four months, but the moving is over.

The only good thing about moving, and I mean the ONLY good thing about moving is it gives you the chance to sort through everything you have acquired over the years.

And I have acquired a lot...

I now know that I have acquired thirteen boxes of books, seven boxes of movies, and more second hand furniture than I ever thought possible, but I'm done. I have moved my last move for hopefully years and with this move I have had time to think and reflect.

I work in the food industry because I am a struggling college student, it's part of our thing, and because of this I feel I gave up on some things that I loved.

It is easy to be caught up and overwhelmed, especially when you're struggling to reach a goal. I am in my fourth year of college and for a while text books were all that I read.

I am an English major who loves the written word more than anything... but I spent years forgetting that. This happened oddly enough because I was working toward an actual degree in my field.

This post isn't important. I just want to remind everyone that even though you may have tons and tons to do, don't forget what is important. Do your school work, make good grades, but make sure you still have time to be you.

Make sure you don't forget why you're doing it.


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