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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weird Book Habits and Pet Peeves

As a long time book lover I have developed some... habits over the years. Some of them make perfect sense, and some of them make complete sense while others... not so much. 

Lets see what you guys can make of them.

1.) I physically cannot start a new book the same day I finish one. I mean, technically I guess I could, but my brain does not like it and it makes me stop pretty much instantly. I don't understand it, I guess maybe I want to reflect on what I've read - maybe meditate, but I really don't do any of those things. When I finish a title I set it down and spend the next couple hours contemplating which one will be next and when I pick it, it sits there. Until daylight the following day, because then and only then can I start it. Maybe it's the OCD. Who knows. 

2.) To underline, or to not underline - that is the question. I used to be a huge quote under-liner. My books would be riddled with sections that were underlined and had little notes about my feelings and emotions until suddenly I just couldn't do it anymore. Previously I had loved my books lived in because lets be honest, the process of reading a book kind of messes it up a little. I used to accept this and welcome it and say only truly loved titles look like these do. While I still think like that a tad most of the time I want them to stay PERFECT. I want no scratches, no spills, no marks, no blemishes. PERFECTION IS EVERYTHING. When it comes to my titles at least. 

3.) I lie to keep from lending out books. Do you have that title? Yes. Can I borrow it? No... It's lost in a box somewhere. Eight times out of ten I do know where that book is and unfortunately, unless I really, really like you, you won't be getting it. It's not personal, I just don't trust people. Books can get lost, bent, marked, spilt upon... it's just not worth the trouble. If it's an ARC you can pretty much forgeddaboutit. 

4.)  Most of my reading is on my E-reader... but I'm in love with physical books. Physical books are beautiful, though my Kindle is sooo convenient. I'm constantly in a war between these two types of reading. Physical books will always hold a special place in my heart, but $1.99 deals exist, and my Kindle can hold SO MANY THINGS! I get some physical review copies, and lets be honest, book  mail is probably my favorite thing, but almost my entire ARC library can be found on my kindle so I can never be without. I also read a lot at night and book lights just don't cut it. It really is a 50/50 situation between pros and cons - but physical copies still somehow always win. I'm in love with book mail and feeling the book in my hands rather than on a screen is SO MUCH BETTER.

5.) STICKERS. I understand that stickers are necessary and that they hold important things like discount information and prices. However, why do they have to be covering the synopsis? Seriously, why is that a thing? Let me just read half of the words here, that's enough right? NO. It's not, and you can't take the sticker off because then people think you're going to steal it. The whole sticker thing is really just annoying in general because then you have the residue, and the residue attracts all of these nasty things to be its friend. So on top of everything you have another problem that may be worse than the sticker. - Don't even get me started on my experience with sticker look alikes that instead say, "Edward and Bella's favorite book." Psh. Yeah. That happened. 

So, what are some of your bookish pet peeves? I will probably be doing another post this week about my plotting pet peeves - and believe me, with that one I am even weirder!


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Jillian said...

Stickers!!! Yes, tell me about it. It ruins the books, I don't understand stores that do this. I also sometimes want to underline, but I never do.

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