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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Let's Talk: Reading Multiple Books at Once

Hello! Have you ever wondered if other people on this planet are as weird as you are? I have, and after writing about my bookish pet peeves it got me thinking about other things that I do. Books are a HUGE part of my life, so it's no wonder that I have book quirks. We all do, or at least I hope we all do.

I have begun to read multiple books at once.

I know, I know. Don't hold back. This has really become a problem for me. For years and years I was a one book kind of person. Reading multiple books at once made me lose my purpose and determination to finish all of them and this is how DNF's happened. 

Now however I have one book I read on my Kindle, one physical book, and possibly even a third if I have a nonYA genre hanging around that needs to be gotten to. 

So many books, and it has affected my reading time. I want to know if others find themselves starting multiple books at once. 

Have you always done it? 

Do you like it? 

Does it affect your reading time? 

In other words, let me know your system - I need to know your system! 


Monica said...

I always read two books at once. One physical book and one on my kindle. I dont think I could do more than that.

Summer McDaniel said...

I feel the same! I NEVER read multiple books at once, I thought it would be the best to do one at a time. But now...I read multiple books at once, switching when I'm not really in the mood. Although I focus on one more the other usually. :)

Shannon Mizikoski said...

I am the same exact way- one physical book, one Kindle book. Before Kindle, I was always a one-book reader. Now, I kind of need to do both. Otherwise, I end up favoring one for really long periods- like, I will read ONLY Kindle books for months on end, or vice versa. I do find that one generally distracts me from the other a bit, but I try to allot time for each.
-Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

Christina said...

I don't know how to handle DNFing sometimes reading multiple books which is really the problem. I ALWAYS favor one book and then I end up dropping everything else and starting more things until it takes a major seat on the back burner. haha

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