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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Half Life of Molly Pierce by Katrina Leno

Title: The Half Life of Molly Pierce
Author: Katrina Leno
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: July 8, 2014

You take it for granted. Waking up. Going to school, talking to your friends. Watching a show on television or reading a book or going out to lunch.

You take for granted going to sleep at night, getting up the next day, and remembering everything that happened to you before you closed your eyes.

You live and you remember.

Me, I live and I forget.

But now—now I am remembering.

For all of her seventeen years, Molly feels like she’s missed bits and pieces of her life. Now, she’s figuring out why. Now, she’s remembering her own secrets. And in doing so, Molly uncovers the separate life she seems to have led…and the love that she can’t let go.

The Half Life of Molly Pierce is a suspenseful, evocative psychological mystery about uncovering the secrets of our pasts, facing the unknowns of our futures, and accepting our whole selves.

This book was really incredible. I love books that break away from the norm, and this title did exactly that in a truly beautiful way.

It's a contemporary revolving around a teenager who thinks she might be crazy. She misses hours of her life, waking up miles away from her last memory just to have no explanation of what she was doing to fill that time.

It's very interesting and very original, I've never read a book like it in my life. It's not a fun or happy book. It deals with many intense emotions including depression and the inner workings of the human mind. There are more questions than answers for so much of it that your curiosity will steer you to the end before you know it.

It is truly beautifully written, Katrina Leno seems to have a gift for story telling. This book deals with major issues, but yet never once did I want to turn away or stop reading. It was never too much to handle.

Molly's voice is one that is easy to relate to.  When you're a teenager you always feel different. You're trying to discover who you are, and Molly is no different. Her emotions feel more potent than other narratives because of the subject matter but it is at its basis a classic coming of age story. Molly discovers who she is. She discovers her problems and fixes them herself.

The love story here isn't the focus of the story which is something I always appreciate. I feel that so many stories now live off of the love stories, but there is so much more to the story than that.

Overall: With Molly Pierce there is true depth. It is beautifully written with great character development and you see the growth of Molly literally with every page. In some ways it is haunting, and it definitely comes recommended.


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