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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Girl Before a Mirror by Liza Palmer [Review + Giveaway]

Title: Girl Before a Mirror
Author: Liza Palmer
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Source: From publisher for honest review.

The author of Conversations with a Fat Girl—optioned for HBO—returns with the hilarious and heartfelt story of a woman who must learn how to be the heroine of her own life-a journey that will teach her priceless lessons about love, friendship, family, work, and her own heart
An account executive in a Mad Men world, Anna Wyatt is at a crossroads. Recently divorced, she’s done a lot of emotional housecleaning, including a self-imposed dating sabbatical. But now that she’s turned forty, she’s struggling to figure out what her life needs. Brainstorming to win over an important new client, she discovers a self-help book—Be the Heroine, Find Your Hero—that offers her unexpected insights and leads her to a most unlikely place: a romance writers’ conference. If she can sign the Romance Cover Model of the Year Pageant winner for her campaign—and meet the author who has inspired her to take control of her life—she’ll win the account. 
For Anna, taking control means taking chances, including getting to know Sasha, her pretty young colleague on the project, and indulging in a steamy elevator ride with Lincoln Mallory, a dashing financial consultant she meets in the hotel. When the conference ends, Anna and Lincoln must decide if their intense connection is strong enough to survive outside the romantic fantasy they’ve created. Yet Lincoln is only one of Anna’s dilemmas. Now that her campaign is off the ground, others in the office want to steal her success, and her alcoholic brother, Ferdie, is spiraling out of control. 
To have the life she wants-to be happy without guilt, to be accepted for herself, to love and to be loved, to just be—she has to put herself first, accept her imperfections, embrace her passions, and finally be the heroine of her own story.

I am a lover of YA, but as a twenty something college student, job dreamer and future haver, I really enjoy delving into women's literary fiction. It is very nice to know that it is okay to not have everything figured out. Even at 40. Life doesn't always work the way we plan it to and I enjoy a friendly reminder that great fiction is fond at every level and GIRL BEFORE A MIRROR really exceeded my expectations.

When I first saw Girl Before a Mirror, I was immediately intrigued because 1.) I have heard many fantastic things a bout the author and 2.) The Ad Agency life is one I have always been interested in. I wanted to see what Anna's life was like and her story instantly interested me on multiple levels as it seemed to be a story of rediscovery.

The first meeting with our heroine is uplifting, her 40th birthday has just taken place and it becomes clear early on that his new beginning is more than just a personal decisions and new awakening of sorts as she begins to view her new place in life. Early on we learn that it is more than a personal decision or enlightenment, but a choice that was not her own. Anna seems to have taken strength from her emotional state and at the opening of the novel is in a place where she wants to "just be." She expresses this early in the novel and it is an idea that is central to Anna's progression and part of what I liked so much about her. She is used to being everything for everyone, but in the end wants to "just be."

What I really loved about this book was the was the humor and the easy writing style Liza Palmer used. Liza Palmer wrote in a conversational way that made me feel as if I was being told a story. It was fun to read, and I enjoyed seeing Anna's world and veing introduced to her world.

I LOVED the use of the romance "How To" book - "Be the Heroine, Find Your Hero"I wish it was a real book because I am highly interested. I do not think This book seemed to give women the power to "just be" and to gain importance and respect from romantic relationships. I am a feminist, and this book really hit home with female empowerment. Anna uses the book to uplift herself.

While some of the secondary characters got on my nerves a bit, I really enjoyed GIRL BEFORE A MIRROR and will definitely be reading Liza Palmer's other novels quickly.

If you enjoy great writing, a true heroine, and a story of a women empowerment, this book is for you! It definitely comes recommended.

Time for a giveaway! 

Enter to win one of two copies of Girl Before a Mirror by Liza Palmer! 


Kimberly V said...

Sounds like a nice read. I don't think life ever works out the way we plan; at forty or any other age. It is reassuring when this is reflected in books.

Brittany McDonld said...

I love the sound of this book. I completely agree with you, I read mostly young adult as well, but sometimes it's nice to read something else. Thanks for the chance!

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