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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Map to the Stars by Jen Malone [Book Review]

Title: Map to the Stars
Author: Jen Malone
Source: From Publisher for honest review
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Release Date: July 14, 2015
Link: Buy it here. ($1.99!)

Can one down-to-earth girl plus a very famous boy and a whole lot of paparazzi ever add up to a perfect Hollywood ending?Seventeen-year-old Annie Shelton isn't sure why her mom thinks moving to Hollywood will allow them to escape the drama of their small-time life in Georgia, but she's along for the ride. When Annie's mom snags a gig as makeup artist to a teen movie idol and finagles a spot for Annie to accompany her on his European promotional tour, Annie's pretty sure she'll be fangirling over architectural sights rather than teen heartthrob Graham Cabot.
But then of course she actually meets him. As Graham and Annie fall for each other in the most romantic cities in the world, Annie realizes that this turn of events may not be quite as glamorous as she thought. Instead of red carpets and celebrity couple names, they are navigating a minefield of keeping secrets from Graham's fans, overprotective assistant, stage "momager," and beefy bodyguard. And when the paparazzi make an appearance, Annie has to decide whether their love is worth the harsh glare of the flashbulb.

This was a very cute, short, light and fun read. Annie Shelton has just moved from Georgia to L.A. and is experiencing the culture shock to end all culture shocks. Suddenly she has been taken from her comfortable home life to this new world where celebrities exist... and they normally get what they want.

Annie has never been the type to get caught up in Pop Culture drama, but she finds herself right in the center and unsure what to do next. Ultimately, this book was cute - I'm not really sure what else needs to be said about it and no other word really sums up the book's premise quite like that one.

It is not overly simple, but there are also no real complex events that occur or plot points which take you by surprise... it's just a very cute book about a girl living out most girl's fantasies.

The fantasy was my favorite part and Graham was at times adorable, and at times a snob that I just wanted to punch in the face. He tended to flip flop, leaning usually towards the better of the two options and ultimately I liked him as a main character and did care about their ending.

There was a wee bit of "insta-love" which occurred, mainly due to the whole celebrity thing. The idea that Graham's attractiveness is off the chart is mentioned multiple times, and ultimately his looks paired with his dorky/adorable personality win Annie over very quickly. Perhaps too quickly.

There was a back story which was revealed slowly during the novel involving why Annie and her mother left Georgia for L.A. and it was an interesting story that wasn't what I expected.

Wynn, the best friend, is another good side character which adds some of the crazy celeb fan that one would expect when reading this type of novel.

The ending was cute, and I thought all the plot points were summed up nicely and topped with a fine little bow. I enjoyed this novel because it was rather simplistic, and it did read like a fantasy turned book reality which is great for anyone who dreamed of falling in love with their favorite celebrity!

Overall: This book is cute. It is perfect for a quick summer read or a day at the beach. It is definitely worth the $1.99 price tag. Be sure to check it out!


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