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Friday, January 15, 2016

Let's Talk! If I Won the Power Ball: Bookish Things I Would Buy

Now, we all have heard by now that despite popular belief, I did not win the biggest power ball jackpot in the history of the world. 

However, if I had won - here are some of the things I would buy. 

1.) Home Library

I do have a room sorta, kinda dedicated to books but it looks nothing like this. I have four large bookshelves filled to the brim with books of mine, and honestly I have more books than my room can handle. My dream would be something like the above. In fact, I wouldn't even need to move if you could just build that for me in my current house. 

2.) Funk Pops

This one may seem kind of weird since these really aren't horribly expensive (generally) but when it comes to spending money on things I am kind of weird. I really love the Funko Pop trend and I think they're adorable - I just can't warrant spending the money on them because I want them all. Plus, the purpose they serve is to just exist. It truly is an aspect of my life the lottery would fix. 

3.) Audio Books

I really enjoy listening to audio books throughout my daily life, but I never want to pay for them. I never, ever, ever steal or download anything illegally. My audio books normally come from Kindle Unlimited or my local library, but since I am a Kindle junkie I can add audible narration to any book I have for no more than $5. 


Never. Even if I know I want to listen to it. So, if I won the power ball I would always buy the audiobook. 


4.) Pretty Things. 

As many of you know, the above picture is of Arwen's necklace from The Lord of the Rings. They sell these, some super cheap -- others for hundreds of dollars. If I won the power ball I would buy a good one and play dress up in the best of ways. 

5.) All the Books. 

I would buy so many books I wouldn't know what to do. I would need to fill up the massive home library after all, so might as well add as many as possible. I also would share the books I love with those around me. No longer would I fear to lend out my books to acquaintances due to fears of wrinkled pages and cracked spines -- I could buy them their own without any problem. 

I would make sure my local high schools  had all the good stuff (even the banned things I would sneak in) and I would generally just make sure that access was available so options aren't so limited like they were when I was in school. 

Providing books to people essentially feels like a way to save the world. 

What would you guys do with your power ball earnings? 


Micheline D said...

I LOVE your list here^^ YES to dreamy home libraries, buying audiobooks, and all the pretty things - like Arwen's necklace <3 And of course, ALL of the books :D

Jaydon Abbott said...

I like your ideas. But do not buy those book titled "Lottery winning secrets", "Lottery spells" and so on. They are useless especially to beat the new Powerball odds of 292 mln to 1.

Issac Badcoke said...

There is nothing impossible, even to beat the Powerball odds. The number of PB jackpot winners both over-thee-counter in the USA and worldwide via the online services, Icelotto review , proves this.

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