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Let's Talk is a feature meant to inspire discussions around the blogosphere. These can range in subject from Blog related material to general observations.

Normally taking place once a week here is a list of past Talks that we've had. 

Let's Talk: Reading Multiple Books at Once
Let's Talk: Finding the Time
Let's Talk: Balancing Hats and Growing Up
Let's Talk: Game of Thrones - Is The Show Spoiling It?
Let's Talk: Are you a Reader or a Writer?
Let's Talk: Graduation and The Hunger Games

What to Watch is a feature that discuses the upcoming books each month that I'm most looking forward to! 

The Weekly Write is a feature that I do periodically (hopefully more) that discusses writing process... that is when I have writing process. This is where I talk about my writing woes and triumphs.

But mostly the woes.

The Weekly Write [1]
The Weekly Write [2]


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